When i saw the movie for the first time, the lyrics of LIES is
already full in my mind: “i think is time, we give it up, and figure out
what’s stopping us. From breathing easy, and talking straight, the way
is clear if you’re ready now…The little cracks they escalated, and
before you know it is too late, for making circles and telling lies…So
plant the thought and watch it grow, wind it up and let it go…”
   “I never want to be my parents”. So Cindy is the person who offered
to cut off the relationship. It’s not enough, Dean is good guy
definitely, but his unambitious and immaturity is unbearable for Cindy
who always have the promising portrait of herself, and especially when
she runs into her ex-boyfriend and got the courting message from her
boss, she’s got into a more complex self-questioning. She knows Dean
loves her, but she just can’t stand, can’t stand all his glorious like
humorous and easygoing were all fade, and leaves only his backing
hairline and unstable temper, love seems like the most useless thing for
her. Dean feels it, he tried, but again, his move is in vain, maybe they
are just different people who have distinct idea about life, maybe he
never gets away, even realize his inferiority feeling. The essence and
the most cruelty of the movie is the director intercuts back and forth,
let everyone can’t help figuring about what’s going wrong between the
two in love person.
    The reason of why i, who never been in real love, have got so much
feeling of the movie, is from my deep fear of my own whole story of love
is just like that. Maybe is also the reason why i never got guts to
enjoy the chemistry, the magic electricity between two strange people. I
am afraid of the fascination is short, but the boredom of daily life is
way way long. I am afraid of at the beginning of love is all about
fantastic fantasy, but at the end of love is all about disillusionment
and irresistible reality. Yeah, i am afraid of a lot of things, so i am
ask for being alone. To some extent, i take after Cindy, i never want to
be in an long-intimate relationship like my parents, i always afraid of
losing hope of life, and in deep side i am not satisfied of myself, so i
can be hard on people around of me. YOU ALWAYS HURTS THE ONE YOU LOVE is
like the white love story of the two in movie, maybe they could just
blame the song they wrongly picked.
    He believes in love, he believes love at first sight, he believes
boys are more romantic than girls, he believes this girl who called
Cindy is special, like they met before…
    She believes in love, she believes her parents must been in love
before, she believes in future…
   I believe in love, i believe love is not just about you and me, i
believe in love is not just about chemistry and compromise, i believe
the key to love have got to myself to find…

01 Love Actually(真爱至上)


经典台词:If you look for it , I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find
that love actually is all around.


02 The King’s Speech(国王的发言)


经典台词:The history of emperor succession, are in the former case
died, and will die soon, my predecessor is not only alive, alive and


03 My Fair Lady(窈窕淑女)


经典台词:The streets will be strewn with the bodies of men,shooting
themselves for your sake before I’m done with you.


04 A Beautiful Mind(雅观心灵)


经典台词:Maybe the part that knows the waking from the dream maybe
isn’t here(brain)maybe it s here( heart).


05 Big Fish(大鱼)


经典台词:Kept in a small bowl, the goldfish will remain small. With
more space, the fish will grow double, triple or quadruple its size.


06 The 普林斯ss Diaries(公主日记)


经典台词:Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement
that something else is more important than fear.


07 Coco(寻梦环游记)


葡京娱乐场,经典台词:Remember me before the memory of love disappears.


08 Call Me by Your Name(请以你的名字呼唤作者)

is special to me?To whom am I special to?What makes us special to each

经典台词:Amor ch’a nullo’ amato amar perdona.


09 La La Aston(爱乐之城)


经典台词:It’s pretty strange that we keep running into each other.


010 Rain Man(雨人)

当四哥Charles修复了与患有性心理障碍的三弟雷Mond之间的深情后,他扬弃了对 300

经典台词:He’s always beer a voluntary patient here.